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  • Press 1- For Delivery Status update from your mail bookings, money orders,or items ordered online.
  • Press 2- To get codes and estimates for articles like speed post, registered post, parcel etc.
  • Press 3- To know the premium due date, and premium amount on your postal life insurance.
  • Press 4- To know the policy status, policy maturity date, and maturity amount, and
    sum assured on your postal life insurance.
  • Press 5- To know the account balance on your postal banking savings, reccuring deposit or public provident dund.
  • Press 6- For Blocking of your ATM card.
  • Press 7- For other services.

After Pressing above any number call will be transfer to the Customer Care Executive


  • dopebanking [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in (For any complaints/queries regarding net banking)

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Speed Po​st information, Complaints and tracking problems​

City Email Id
Speed Post Customer Service
Delhi nsh [dot] delhi [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Mumbai nsh [dot] mumbai [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Chennai nsh [dot] chennai [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Kolkata nsh [dot] kolkataairport [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Bangalore nsh [dot] bangalore [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Hyderabad nsh [dot] hyderabad [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Ahmedabad nsh [dot] ahmedabad [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Pune nsh [dot] pune [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Kochi nsh [dot] kochi [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Speed Post Complaints Information
Delhi nsh [dot] delhi [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Mumbai nsh [dot] mumbai [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Chennai foreignpost [dot] chennai [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Kolkata nsh [dot] kolkataairport [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in

Directory of Officers and Employees

Department Wise Contacts

Directory of Officers and Employees

Name Designation Direct/Fax no. Residence/e-mail ID Fax/ EPABX
Minister of Communications
Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw Cabinet Minister 011-23739191,
moc-office [at] gov [dot] in 011-23723330
Shri Abhishek Kumar Singh Director 011-23739191,
moc-office [at] gov [dot] in 011-23723330
Dr. Mahatme Sandeep
Private Secretary 011-23739191,
moc-office [at] gov [dot] in 011-23723330
Minister of State in the Ministry of Communications
Shri Devusinh Chauhan Hon'ble Minister 011-23372414 ,
mosc-office [at] gov [dot] in 011-23372277
Shri Jayesh N Raval Additional Private Secretary 011-23372565 jayeshraval40 [at] gov [dot] in 011-23372277
Shri Rahul Ghosh Assistant Private Secretary 011-23372414,
rahul [dot] ghosh1504 [at] gov [dot] in 011-23372277
Shri Sanjeev Sharma DDG (MoSC) 011-23096269,
- -
Secretary (Posts)
Shri Vineet Pandey Secretary 011-23096060 secretary-posts [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4800
Shri Pawan Kumar
Senior Principal Private
011-23096060 - 4800
Shri Saugat Dey Principal Private Secretary 011-23096060 - 4800
DG Posts
Shri Alok Sharma Director General Postal Services 011-23096187 dgposts [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4709
Postal Services Board
Shri Vineet Pandey

Secretary, Department of
Posts and Chairperson,
Postal Services Board

011-23096060 secretary-posts [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4800
Shri Alok Sharma Director General(Posts) 011-23096187 dgposts [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4709
Ms Aindri Anurag Member (Operations)
011- 23387709
memberom [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4713
Shri Sanjay Sharan Member (Technology) 011-23096172 membertech [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4707
Ms. Smita Kumar Additional Director
General(Coordination), PSB
011-23096233 adgposts [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4708
Shri Vinaya Prakash
Member (Personnel) 011-23096078 memberp [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4711
Ms Manju Pandey Member (Banking and DBT) 011-23096082 memberbanking [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4712
Ms. Alka Jha Member (Planning and HRD) 011-23096186 memberplanning [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4714
Major General Damodar
Vasanth Mahesh
Member (PLI) and Chairman,
PLI Investment Board
011-23096187 memberpli [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4709
Partha Sarthi Das AS and FA 011-23096083 asfa [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4715
Shri Aman Sharma
(Additional Charge)
Secretary, Postal Services Board 011-23096178 secretary-psb [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4900
SR.Deputy Directors General
Ms. Anula Kumar Sr. DDG (Vigilance) and CVO 011-23096099,
011- 23044716
cvo [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4716
Md. Shahbaz Ali
(Additional Charge)
Sr.DDG (PAF) 011-23096096 srddgpaf [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Deputy Directors General
Shri Aman Sharma DDG(CP) 011-23096024 sharma [dot] aman [at] nic [dot] in 4963
Nirmaljit Singh DDG (SR, Legal and VP) 011-23096201 ddgsrl [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in,
ddgvp [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Jagdeep Gupta DDG (P) 011-23096098 ddgp [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4724
Ms. Hena Usman DDG (Trg. andWL) 011-23096024,
ddgtraining [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4728
Ms.Rashi Sharma DDG (Establishment) 011-23096184 ddgestt [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4718
Dr. (Ms.). Amarpreet Duggal Public Grievances,
Quality Assurance
and Inspections
011-23096087 ddgpgq [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4729
R Anand PMU 011-23096088 ddgpmu [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4731
Shri P N Ranjit Kumar Postal Operations 011-23096179 ddgpo [dot] dte [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4732
Pawan Kumar Singh DDG (FS) 011-23096101 ddgfs [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4720
Shri Sunil Sharma DDG (Philately) 011-23096095 ddgphilately [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4730
Sandhya Singh DDG (STT) 011-23096011 ddgstt [dot] dte [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4976
Dinesh Kumar Jaini DDG (Budget) 011-23044723 4740
Kushal Kumar Pathak DDG (Technology)
011-23096201 65656760, ddg [dot] tech [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 6700
Rajeev Kumar DDG (Finance) 011-23096019 ddg [dot] finance [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4721
Shri Dushyant Mudgal Mail Operations 011-23096093 ddgmb [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4733
Shri Dinesh Kumar Sharma DDG (Mission Karmyogi) 011-23096178 ddgpbi [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4727
Prannoy Sharma DDG (IR andGB) 011-23096090 ddgir [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4727
M U Abdali DDG (Estates and MM) 011-23096228 ddg [dot] emm [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4942
Raj Kumar Mishra DDG (RB,PLG, RICT) 011-23096100 ddgrb [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4753
Abhishek Kumar Singh DDG(Marketing) 011-23096086 ddgmarketing [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Major Manoj Kumar CBS 011-23096074 directorcbs-del [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4776
D.K.Pandey STT 011-23096011 directorstt [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4734
Accounts 011-23096033 dirpa-accounts [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4740
Deepak Kumar Bgt. and Admn 011-23096030 dirpa-budget [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4741
Ranjeet Kumar Sinha DE 011-23096035 ranjeet [dot] sinha [at] nic [dot] in
Establishment 011-23096036 direstt [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 6793
Satish Kumar FA 011-23096025 directorfa [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4744
FS 011-23096008 directorfs [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 6654
Arvind Prakash Xaxa I/ Audit 011-23096018 dir-audit [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4742
Kuntal Sensarma Jt Dir (Eco Cell) 011-23096178 4731
K R Sharma MM and Estates 011-23096026 directorestates [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4745
MV 011-23096016 directormv [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4747
Naresh Kumar OL 011-23096169 directorol [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4748
PG 011-23096151 directorpg [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4750
Philately 011-23096020 directorphilately [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4738
PMU-I 011-23096030 directorpmu1 [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4965
PMU-III 011-23096194 directorpmu3 [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4751
PBI 011-23096116 directorpbi [at] inidapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4749
Maj. (Ms.) Shilpa
Rao Tanugula
RB and Planning 011-23096105 directorrb [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4785
S N Das SPN 011-23096092 directorspn [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4756
Sports and Welfare 011-23096122 4935
Arun Malik SR and Legal 011-23096021 directorsrlegal [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4755
Sunil Kumar Staff 011-23096103 directorstaff [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4754
R.K.Verma Tariff and Costing 011-23372285 dirtc [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4757
Ms.Archana Gopinath Technology 011-23096132 directortech [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Ms.Daisy Barla Trg. Sports, WF 011-23096185 directorews [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4758
Abhishek Kumar Singh Vigilance 011-23096182 directorvigilance [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4759
Satish Kumar VIG- PET 011-23096017 6359
ADG (PBl-ll and CP)
IR and GB
Mail Operations 011-23096100 director_mail [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4753
Assistant Directors General
Manoranjan Samal Building 011-23096034 adgadmin [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4774
Accounts 011-23316065 adgpa-accounts [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4764
Sunil Kumar GA adgga [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4777
D. C. Pandey Budget and PEA 011-23096180 adg-budget [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4763
D K Sharma Banking Services 011-23096102 6963
Vinod Kumar Computer and BPR 011-23096135 adgbprtrg [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4859
Tariff and Costing - adgtc [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4789
M Ram CandT - 4789
N.R.Giri DE 011-23096029 adgde [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Sapna Estt - adgestt2 [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4820
Amit Rajan FA - adgfa [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4771
Augustus Dung Dung Medical - adgmedical [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4775
Sandeep K P IM-I 011-23096112 adgim [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
D K Thripathi Investigation-I - adginv [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4773
Manju Rattan Investigation-II 011-23096199 adginv2 [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Nahar Singh Meena SR and Legal - adgsrl [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 6195
Dharmesh Kumar PA (Admn) 011-23096176 adg-budget [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4778
O. P. Sahu IA 011-23096145 adgpa-ia [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4779
Asha Sharma Pen - adgpension [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4780
RB 011-23714602 adgrb [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4785
Ms.Priyanka Mishra Philately 011-23096034 adgphilately [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4781
M.S. Zou Plg 011-23096137 adgplanning [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Aparajita Mridha PO 011-23096005 adgpo [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4751
Mahendra Kumar FS - 6336
Hemant Kumar SPG - adgsgp [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4787
Dileep Singh Sengar SPN 011-23096038 adgspn [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4788
Renu Verma STT - 4723
Vig III - adgvig1 [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4793
Hemant Khulbe Vig II 011-23096146 adgvig2 [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 6341
Shri D. K. Tripathi Vigilance-I 011-23096159 adgvig3 [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in,
ravi [dot] pahwa [at] gov [dot] in
Muthuraman C VIG PET 011-23096159 adgvp [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in -
Ms. Astha Jain Technology 011-23096032 adgtech [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in -
Ms. Sunita Singh DD (Official Language) - -
PMU - pmu [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in -
Tarun Mittal Esst.-I and SCT - adgestt1 [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4820
Ms. Aarti Verma Marketing - aarti [dot] verma [at] gov [dot] in 4743
L.K.Sinha FS-I 011-23096102 adgfs [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4769
Kale Ajinkya Ajey FS-II adgfs2 [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in,
adgcbs [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
S.Manik Lakra FS-III 011-23096102 adgfsIII [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 6963
Puneet Bijanariya PBI 011-23096208 adgpbi [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4769
Stefan Simon Tobias PMU-II - -
Ms. Jyoti Meena Corporate Planning/
011-23096113 adgcp [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in -
Ms. Annu Paul DBT/Darpan - - -
Ram Naresh Sikaria IM-II - - -
Ravi Pahwa GDS adgestt2 [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4973
Parliament Cell
Vijay Kumar Director 011-23323327 - 4895
Press Information Bureau
Rajinder Chaudhry Dir(Media and Communication
PRO, Telecom)
011-23488078 - -
Ms. Alkesh Tyagi Asstt. Director (M and C) 011-23389912 - -
Engineering Wing
Niraj Kumar Chief Engineer (Civil) Works 011-23096659 - 4944
S. P. Mohapatra Chief Engineer (Civil) HQ 011-23096658 - 4947
S. K. Narnoli Superintending Engineer (PandA) 011-23096017 - 4945
A. C. Mathur Superintending Engineer (Civil) HQ 011-23096132 - 4946
A. C. Mathur Superintending Engineer (PandD) 011-23096132 - 4946
Rathish Vishwakarma Architect 011-23636588 - 4948
SH.K.N. Mahato AE(P), PCC, Patna - - -
S.M.Kamran Ahmad AE(P),PCC Patna - -
Sh.Avinash Kumar Yadav AE(C), PCSD-II,Patna. - - -
National Informatics Centre
Ravi Kumar Senior Technical Director 011-23096022 ravik [at] nic [dot] in -
Mukesh Kumar Agarwal Technical Director 011-23036528 maggarwal [at] nic [dot] in 4956
Sudidhi Das PSA 011-23036528 sudidhi [at] nic [dot] in 6372
Resident Audit Office
- Director General PandT Audit 011-23718350,
- 4904
BD Directorate
Sh.Nirmal Singh General Manager (Business
gmbp [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in 4962
Simmi R. Nakra General Manager (Finance) 011-23096125
- -
Dy. General Manager (BD) 011-23096129
- -
Gurmeet Kaur Accounts Officer (BD) 011-23096056 aobdmd [at] gmail [dot] com -
Suresh Kumar Asstt. Acount Officer (BD) 011-23096056
Anil Ahulwalia Asstt. Section Officer (Admn.) 011-23096150
sobdmd [at] gmail [dot] com -
Mandeep Kaur PS to CGM 011-23096055
- -
Parveen Kumar Additional GM (BD) -
Naveen Kumar Agarwal Sr. Manager (Aadhaar) bddirectorate [at] gmail [dot] com -
Ajay Kathuria Manager (Retail Post) 011-23096110 bddirectorate [at] gmail [dot] com -
Rekha Devi Manager (Coord.) 011-23096152 bddirectorate [at] gmail [dot] com -
Parcel Directorate
Shri Ajay Kumar Roy
(Additional Charge)
Chief General Manager 011-26111181 cgm_pd [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in -
Kushal Vashist General Manager (Operations) 011-26111185 gmsm [dot] parcel [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in -
Addl. General Manager 011-26111184 agmparcel [at] gmail [dot] com -
Shri Rajeev Kapoor PPS to CGM 011-26111181 cgm_pd [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in -
DGM 011-21611087 dgmparcel [at] gmail [dot] com -
Shri Abhay Singh Manager (Parcel-II) 011-26111180 parceldirectorate [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in -
Shri Keshav Kant Assistant Section Officer 011-26111180 parceldirectorate [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in -
Shri Devender Kumar Sharma Assistant Director-I 011-26111187 parceldirectorate [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in -
Shri R.A. Yadav Assistant Director-II 011-26111187 parceldirectorate [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in -
Smt. Harita Kapoor PPS to GM(O) 011-26111185 gmsm [dot] parcel [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in -
Shri Ashwini Tomar Sr. Manager (Admin) 011-26111180 parceldirectorate [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in -
Shri Deepanshu Kukreti Manager(Operations) 011-26111187 parceldirectorate [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
parceldteops [at] gmail [dot] com
Sagar Chandna Manager(Marketing) 011-26111180 parceldirectorate [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
marketing [dot] parceldte [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
parceldte [at] gmail [dot] com
Chandra Shekhar Steno to AGM 011-26111184 chandra [dot] shekhar93 [at] gov [dot] in
agmparcel [at] gmail [dot] com
Shri Saurabh Kumar Manager (Parcel-I) 011-26111180 parceldirectorate [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in -
Directorate of Postal Life Insurance
Shri Jitendra Gupta Chief GM 011-24672461 cgm_pli [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in -
Shri Pranav Kumar General Manager(O) -
(Ms.) Pratibha Nath GENERAL MANAGER
011-2412269 gmb [dot] pli [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in -
Ms. Mrinalini Srivastava Addl GM(BandI) 011-24673958 agm1 [dot] pli [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in -
Addl GM(O) 011-24107072 agm2 [dot] pli [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in -
CAO 011-24672446 - -
Gurvinder Singh DDM I 011-24672458 - -
Hariom Sharma DDM II 011-24672458 - --
Ms. Renuka Bhat DDM III - -
Jitender Bhutani PPS to CGM 011-24673587 - -
Shiv Kumar A.D. - -
SO 011-24671317 - -
Army Postal Service
Lt Col Shidram Jambigi AQMG (SandE) APS - -
Major General M K Khan Addl DG APS 011-26152840 - 011-26153580
Brigadier APS 011-26153584 - 011-26153580
Lt Col Manish Chandra Das AQMG(Coord) APS 011-26152746 - 011-26153580

Rafi Ahmed Kidwai National Postal Academy (RAKNPA)

Name Designation Office Residence/e-mail ID
Pradeep Michael Lal Director 120-2789060 academy [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Ambesh Upmanyu Addl Director 120-2789061 addldir [dot] raknpa [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Atul Kumar Srivastava Joint Director I 120-2789394 jtdir1 [dot] raknpa [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Debjeet Mukhopadhyay Account Officer 120-2789508 ao [dot] raknpa [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
N R Giri Dy. Director (Admin) 120-2789476 nrgiree [at] gmail [dot] com
Mohd Samran Siddiqui Assistant Superintendent 120-2789028 mohdsamran [dot] siddiqui [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Shri Jawahar Lal Sharma Assistant Director (Admin) 120-2789084 adadmin [dot] raknpa [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Sharad Kumar A.L.I.O. 120-2789631 -
Ms. Sharda Vashistha Sr. PS to Director 120-2789060 -
Ram Niwas PS to Addl. Dir 120-2789061 -

Centres for Excellence in Postal Technology(CEPT)

Name Designation Contact No. Email Id
Centre for Excellence in Postal Technology(CEPT), Bengaluru
Dr.P.M.Saravanan General Manager 080-22533900 gmcept [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Dr.Chandra Sekhar
Director (O and M) 080-22533900 directorcept [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Shri T.S.Aswathanarayana Director, Program
Shri. S.M.Shashidhara Assistant Chief Accounts
080-22533906 shashidhara [dot] sm [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Shri. B. Chandrakantha
Dy.Director 080-22850424 ddcept1 [dot] mysore [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Smt. Shanthala Bhatt M Assistant Director- I 080-22533903 shanthala [dot] m [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Shri Sridhar R Iyer Assistant Director- II 080-22533907 sridharr [dot] iyer [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Centre for Excellence in Postal Technology(CEPT), Chennai
Shri Sakthivelu VM Dy.Director(CEPT) 080-22850424
dd_cept [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
- Assistant Director
044-28543481 adtechnologychennai [dot] cept [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Centre for Excellence in Postal Technology(CEPT),Nazarbad, Mysuru
Shri Pavankumar P.S Assistant Director
0821-2300999 adtechnology [dot] cept [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in


Name of the Section EPABX
Building 4884
Costing/Rates 4885
Drawing 4966
Inv 4845
PF 4889
PG 4890
STT 4891
Vig Pet 4893
Vig 4891
DAA 6314,
Tech Lab 6481
RB and Plg 4843
DA 4813

Fax Numbers

Designation Fax No.
Secretary (Posts) 011-23096077
Member(PLI) 011-23096117
Membr (HRD) 011-23710053
OSD to Secretary (Posts) 011-23096163
DDG(E and MM) 011-23096093
DDG(IR andGB) 011-23096104
DDG(PAF) 011-23096196
DDG(PO ) 011-23096087
DDG(Trg. and CP) 011-23096024
Director (Bgt and Admn) 011-23096019
Director (Estt.) 011-23096036
Director(MB) 011-23096074
Director(OL) 011-23096169
Director(PMU-II) 011-23096004
Director(STT) 011-23096011
ADG(A/Cs) 011-23316065
ADG(FS-i) 011-23096108
ADG(GDS) 011-23096031
SO(Coord/O and M) 011-23096181
Sr. Tech. Dir (NIC) 011-23314708
C.E. (C) H.Q. 011-23359475
Member (P) 011-23096189
Member (Plg.) 011-23096188
JS and FA -
Sr. DDG(VIG) and CVO 011-24672882
DDG(FS) 011-23096089
DDG(P) 011-23096007
DDG(PCO)PMLA 011-23096097
DDG(R and P) 011-23096101
DDG(WS andMR) 011-23096084
Director (CBS) 011-23096015
Director(FA) 011-23096025
Director (M. Mgt.) 011-23096100
Director(Phil) 011-23096165
Director(SPN) -
Director(T and C) 011-23372285
ADG(Bgt. and Admn) 011-23096176
ADG(FS-III) 011-23096102
ADG(IR) 011-23096104
CGM (BD) 011-23096144
S.E.(C) HQ 011-23096068
Customer Care and RTI 011-23096107
Member (O) 011-23096081
Member (Tech) 011-23096079
Secretary(PSB) 011-23710050
DDG (Estt.) 011-23096184
DDG(PG, QA and Inspn) 011-23353883
DDG(Phil.) 011-23096165
DDG(PMU) 011-23710050
Director (A/Cs) 011-23096106
Director (FS) -
Director(IA) 011-23096018
Director(MV) 011-23096016
Director (SR,Legal) 011-23096021
Director(Staff) -
Director (VIG) 011-23096182
ADG(DE) 011-23096029
ADG(GA) 011-23372528
ADG(IA) 011-23096145
GM(F) 011-23096156
C.E. (C) 011-23096068
DDG(Finance) 011-23096158

Forms Center

For Postal Life Insurance

Directorate of Postal Life Insurance Chanakyapuri Post Office Complex,
1st Floor New Delhi – 110021
Complaint Email id: plipg [dot] dte [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Toll Free No. – 1800 2666868 (9am-6pm, Except Sundays and Holidays)

For Lodging Complaint on CRM Portal of Indiapost
Circle Contact Details

Guidelines for Registration of Complaints

Initial Level for lodging Complaints :

Sl. No. Nature of complaints Whom to Complain


Any complaint on the services rendered and
concerning behavior of employees of the
Department of Posts.

Postmaster / In-charge of the Post Office where
the transaction has taken place.


Any complaint on the services rendered and
concerning behavior of employees of the
Department of Posts.

Senior Superintendent / Superintendent of Post
Offices of the Division in whose jurisdiction
the concerned Post Office falls.


Any complaint on the services rendered and
concerning behavior of employees of the
Department of Posts.

The Post Master General of the Region in
whose jurisdiction the concerned Post Office
and Division falls.

If the complaint is still not settled, the complainant may approach the Chief Postmaster General of the respective Circle at the following address :

Name of the Circle

E-mail ID, Telephone No.
and Fax Number


Andhra Pradesh

cpmg_apr [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in,
0866-2429854 (Tel),​
0866-24747282 (Fax)

O/o CPMG,AP circle, PSD
complex, besides Door Darshan
quarters, Krishnalanka,


cpmg_asm [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
9435503177 (Tel),
0361-2544838 (Fax)

4th Floor, Meghdoot Bhawan,
Panbazar,Guwahati – 781001.


cpmg_bhr [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in

Customer care center/Complaints:
0612-2220207 (Tel),
0612-2225011 (Fax)

Postal Life Insurance complaints:
Toll free No.18003456107,

Patna GPO Complex, Patna
– 800001.


cpmg_chh [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
0771-2233400 (Tel),
0771-2233194 (Fax)

Raipur - 492001.


cpmg_del [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
011-23620144 (Tel),
011-23627114 (Fax)

Meghdoot Bhawan, Link Road,
New Delhi - 110001.


cpmg_guj [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
079-25505424 (Tel),
079-25505275 (Fax)

Khanpur, Ahmedabad – 380001


cpmg_hry [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
0171-2603100 (Tel),
0171-2603736 (Fax)
107, The Mall Road, Ambala
Cant. – 133001.

Himachal Pradesh

cpmg_hpr [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
0177-2629000 (Tel),
0177-2620351 (Fax)

Kaithu, Shimla – 171009.

Jammu and Kashmir

cpmg_jnk [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
0191-2542878 (Tel),
0191-2561746 (Fax)
0194-2452528 (Tel),
0194-2452036 (Fax)

GPO Complex, Residency Road,
Srinagar – 190001.


cpmg_jha [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
0651-2482345 (Tel),
0651-2480153 (Fax)
Doranda HO Complex, Ranchi
– 834019.


cpmg_kar [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
080-22392523 (Tel),
Beaulieu, Palace Road,
Bengaluru– 560001.

Kerala (For Kerala and

cpmg_ker [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
0471-2308300 (Tel),
0471-2306500 (Fax)
Thiruvananthapuram – 695033.

Madhya Pradesh

cpmg_mp [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
0755-2550838 (Tel),
0755-2556547 (Fax)
Bhopal – 462012.

Maharashtra (For Goa,
Maharshtra and Dadra
and Nagar Haveli)

cpmg_mah [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
1800 228 030 (Toll Free),
022- 22620829 (Fax)
Mumbai GPO Building,
2nd Floor, Mumbai – 400001.

North East ( All North-Eastern
States except Assam and Sikkim)

cpmg_ne [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
0364-2223800 (Tel),
0364-2223034 (Fax)
Shillong – 793001.


cpmg_ori [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
0674-2392000 (Tel),
0674-2394790 (Fax)
Bhubaneswar – 751001.

Punjab (For Punjab
and Chandigarh)

cpmg_pun [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
0172-2706700 (Tel),
0172-2721670 (Fax)
Sandesh Bhawan, Sector
– 17/E, Chandigarh – 160017.
Rajasthan cpmg_raj [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
0141-2372020 (Tel),
0141-2366151 (Fax)
Sardar Patel Marg, Jaipur
– 302007.
Tamil Nadu (For Tamil
Nadu and Pondicherry)
cpmg_tn [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
044-28520367 (Tel),
044-285221199 (Fax)
Anna Road, Chennai – 600002.
Telangana cpmg_tlg [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Dak Sadan, Abids,Hyderabad
– 500001.
Uttar Pradesh cpmg_up [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
0522-2622000 (Tel),
0522-2616855 (Fax)
4, Hazratganj, Lucknow
– 226001.
Uttarakhand cpmg_utr [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
0135-2658396 (Tel),
0135-2650065 (Fax)
Dehradun – 248001.
West Bengal (For West Bengal,
Sikkim and Andaman and
Nicobar Islands)
cpmg_wb [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
033-22120070 (Tel),
033-22120811 (Fax)
Yogayog Bhawan, P-36, C.R.
Avenue, Kolkata – 700012.

If the complainant is dissatisfied with the action taken, he / she may approach the following Officers in the Postal Directorate, Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-110001 according to the nature of complaint :

Nature of complaint E-mail ID, Telephone No.
and Fax Number
Designation and Address of the Officer

​Complaint on delayed delivery / non-delivery
of Speed Post , Express Parcel, Business Parcel,
Logistics Post , Non payment of COD amount and
any other complaint related to pr​emiu​m products.

PG Division - -011-23036397,
Director(PG)- 011-23096151,
for (i) and (ii) in Column 3.

i) Dy.General Manager (SP)

ii) Dy.General Manager (BP)

iii) ADG (IM)- 011-23096112

iv) DDG (PG)- 011-23096087

i) Public Grievance (PG) Division,
Postal Directorate, New Delhi
110 001.

ii) Dy. General Managr (BP)
for EPP, LP, BP.

iii) ADG (IM) for International Mail.

iv) DDG (PG) for Registerred Letter Parcel.

Complaints concerning Savings Bank or Savings
Certificates or claims relating thereto.

pgsectiondop [at] gmail [dot] com sbpgsection [at] gmail [dot] com

Deputy Director General (FS). Dak
Bhavan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi— 110001​..

Complaints on non-delivery or delayed or wrong delivery
of ordinary mail articles, delayed payment or non-payment
of money order or Electronic Money Orders, non-delivery
or delayed delivery or non receipt of acknowledgement of
Registered articles, nondelivery or delayed delivery of Insured
articles, Parcels, Packets, complaints on abstraction of contents
of mails articles except articles mentioned under serial 1 ibid.
Complaints on misbehavior by post office staff or any other
complaint under miscellaneous category not covered under
serial 1, 2, 4 and 5 of this table.

pgsectiondop [at] gmail [dot] com
011-23096087 (Tel)

Deputy Director General (PG and QA),
Dak Bhavan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi
— 110001.

All type of complaints concerning Postal Life
Insurance or Rural Postal Life Insurance.

cgmplidte [at] gmail [dot] com
011-24672461 (Tel),
011- 26882838 (Fax)

Chief General Manager (PLI),
PLI Directorate, Chanakya Puri,
New Delhi - 110021.

Pension matters of postal employees and matters
relating to Gramin Dak Sevaks

011- 23096007(Fax)

Deputy Director General (Establishment),
Dak Bhavan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi - 110001.

Circle Public Grievances Nodal officers Contacts

Name of Circle Name of AD(PG)/
Mobile Number Landline Number Email id
Andhra Pradesh Circle Sri K Sudheer Babu 8897302739 0866-2429854 pg [dot] ap [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Assam Circle Abdul Jalil Talukdar 7002427574 -- cpmg_asm [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Bihar Circle Shri Praveen Prasoon -- 0612-2220207 Cpmg_bhr [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Chattisgarh Circle Ramakant Sahu 9993589239


cpmg_chh [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Delhi Circle Shri.D.P.Singh 9868566276 011-23638641 cpmg_del [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Gujarat Circle V M Vohra 9825978655 079-25509384 cpmg_guj [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Haryana Circle Megh Raj Mittal 9416085637 0171-2603692 cpmg_hry [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Himachal Pradesh
Bali Ram 9805754934 0177-2629002 cpmg_hpr [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Jammu and Kashmir
Mahesh Singh 9435143362 -- pg [dot] jk [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Jharkhand Circle Anjan Mitra 9304776307 -- cpmg_jha [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Karnataka Circle Prabhu M 080-22392584 080-22392648 pg [dot] ka [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Kerala Circle Smt. M.Bindu -- 0471-2560719 cpmg_ker [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Madhya Pradesh
Shri Manoj Shukla
Shri Arwind Kumar
Tiwari Dealing
0755-2550838 pg [dot] mp [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Maharashtra Circle H.M Manjesha --- 022-22623721 cpmg_mah [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
North Eastern Circle K Kharshandi 8014239537 0364-2223049 cpmg_ne [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Odisha Circle S. Neeta 9438207110 0674-2395547 adpg [dot] odi [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Punjab Circle Sh. Gopal Krishan -- 0172- 2703844
cpmg_pun [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Rajasthan Circle Shri Pawan Kumar
9413208238 0141-2372020 pg [dot] rj [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Tamilnadu Circle P.M. Rasool Moideen 9952987674 044-28512651 pg [dot] tn [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Telangana Circle K. Janardhan Reddy -- 040-23463639
cpmg_tlg [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Uttar Pradesh Circle R.K. Awasthi 9455794224 0522-2624778 pg [dot] up [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in
Uttarakhand Circle Shri B.K. Gupta --


asppgcoddn [at] gmail [dot] com
West Bengal Circle Shri Siddhartha
-- 033-22120500 pg [dot] wb [at] indiapost [dot] gov [dot] in

Post Office Saving Schemes

Head Office

Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi-110001

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