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    Relief Therapeutics Holding AG (RLFTF) Stock Forum & Discussion - Yahoo Finance (1)

    Will we see 1$ per share one day?

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    Relief Therapeutics Holding AG (RLFTF) Stock Forum & Discussion - Yahoo Finance (2)

    Sentinox inhaled and nasal spray could be a therapeutic game-changer for the masses in halting the pandemic!!

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    Relief Therapeutics Holding AG (RLFTF) Stock Forum & Discussion - Yahoo Finance (3)

    I picked up 300,000 cheap shares this week - bringing my average cost way down.
    This Aviptadil peptide will EVENTUALLY get tested properly and prove its value.
    Sad to say, but my purchases this week probably moved the market price.
    Someone else will have to step up next week!

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    Relief Therapeutics Holding AG (RLFTF) Stock Forum & Discussion - Yahoo Finance (4)

    $NRXP conversation

    The NMDA based drugs will become major players in depression field. Ketamine has been there for a while and new ones are coming. AXSM, who saw its AXS-05 approved last month in MDD, is now a $2.5B company at $62 per share. REL-1017 is a promising next one in MDD. It's still in Phase 3 but the company RLMD is already closed to $1B ($957M to be exact) at about $32 per share.

    What's more interesting of these two companies are their stock movement around the time of P2 and/or P3 trial results. Check AXSM and RLMD in 5Y scale and you will see what I mean. For these two companies this happened to be both in 2019 and early 2020. AXSM started 2019 at $2.60 and reached $102 end of 2019. They had a packed year in 2019: positive P2 at the beginning of the year, BTD in March, start of P3 in June and positive P3 in December. RLMD started 2019 at $4.60 and reached about $49 (50% higher than today's SP as P3 still ongoing) in Feb of 2020. It had a few positive events in Phase 2 etc. in that year.

    Due to the flop of ZYESAMI (Aviptadil), our SP is at its bottom. The market has not actually had the chance to evaluate NRX-101 properly. With a $RLFTF settlement and certain conclusion on Aviptadil (hope is there are some ARDS signals in NIH detailed results but this is nice to have not a necessity for our future at this stage), we are ready to move. It will probably take a strong start of P3 or positive P2 to re-initiate our proper market valuation. The setup is almost there. It's likely we could be going up similarly in 2023 our year, a lot sooner than most expect.

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    Relief Therapeutics Holding AG (RLFTF) Stock Forum & Discussion - Yahoo Finance (5)

    Key Secondary End Point: Survival Through Day 60
    A statistically significant increased odds of survival at day 60 was identified across all patients and hospitals (OR, 2.0; 95% CI, 1.05–3.87; p = 0.035) when controlling for baseline ventilation status as prespecified in the protocol. The increased odds of survival at day 60 on the drug was especially pronounced in the subgroup of those who scored NIAID 2 (MV), with a 10-fold increased odds of survival for those on the drug (OR, 10.4; 95% CI, 1.23–87.2; p = 0.031).
    In addition, there was a statistically significant HR (HR, 0.59; 95% CI, 0.37–0.96; p = 0.032) through 60 days, controlling for baseline ventilation status (Supplementary Table 3).

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    Relief Therapeutics Holding AG (RLFTF) Stock Forum & Discussion - Yahoo Finance (6)

    Anyone else read ( Just got a tip about RLFTF from them.

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    Relief Therapeutics Holding AG (RLFTF) Stock Forum & Discussion - Yahoo Finance (7)


    Relief Therapeutics to Participate in the H.C. Wainwright 24th Annual Global Investment Conference

    Geneva, Switzerland, September 7, 2022 – RELIEF THERAPEUTICS Holding SA (SIX: RLF, OTCQB: RLFTF, RLFTY) (“Relief”), a Swiss, commercial-stage biopharmaceutical company seeking to provide patients therapeutic benefit from selected specialty, rare and ultra-rare diseases with high unmet need, today announced that Jack Weinstein, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, will present a company overview during the H.C. Wainwright 23rd Annual Global Investment Conference, being held September 12-14, 2022.

    Date: Tuesday, September 13, 2022
    Time: 1:30 pm ET

    Management will host one-on-one meetings during the event. Institutional investors who are registered for the conference can log into to request a meeting with the company.

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    Relief Therapeutics Holding AG (RLFTF) Stock Forum & Discussion - Yahoo Finance (8)

    as sad as it sounds at .035 why no company/insider buying at these levels?

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    Relief Therapeutics Holding AG (RLFTF) Stock Forum & Discussion - Yahoo Finance (9)

    Have a great week reliefers, I know I'm not alone when I say...this is far from over.


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    Relief Therapeutics Holding AG (RLFTF) Stock Forum & Discussion - Yahoo Finance (10)

    I'm curious here, I haven't had time to follow up on settlement and negotiations. 30 days to finalize settlement and then 60 days to litigation if required, is that 60 days total to litigation (if required) or 90? Anyone know? LONGER AND LONGER EVERYDAY-1 😇


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    Relief Therapeutics Holding AG (RLFTF) Stock Forum & Discussion - Yahoo Finance (11)


    And what arguments do you want to communicate to the SEC that proves price manipulation?

    Of course, anyone who deals with the matter knows that there are some things that need to be questioned. But you should not forget that there have already been indications to the supervisory authorities and that investigations are already underway. We don't know how comprehensive these investigations are, whether they have been expanded, whether the supervisory authorities are cooperating across countries, and so on.

    What we do know is that there are several inconsistencies in the context of publications, references to publications, the concealment of such publications or other facts relevant to the share price, which can certainly be regarded as omissions or even deliberate manipulation of the share price. Here, the ball is in the authorities' court to clarify the facts, secure evidence, etc.

    As also mentioned, we will only be informed of the full extent of the investigations and the penalties once they have been completed. The list of penalties can range from termination of the current proceedings to fines issued by the authorities, suspension from trading, and criminal prosecution of individuals. Let it be said that until a verdict is reached, the presumption of innocence applies to all parties. The fact that individuals have an inglorious past and accordingly have neither a clean slate nor a reputation that cannot be seen as a reference now, does not necessarily make it better to trust the management.

    In addition, there is a main shareholder or virtual majority shareholder involved in the whole game, whose strategy remains a mystery, and who has so far shone with clever chess moves, although some of these chess moves have not necessarily been to the benefit of RT shareholders. I have pointed out one or the other scenario here. We can be curious which scenario we will see at the end. Depending on the scenario, the awakening for RT shareholders could be a rude one. There are various other examples in this respect.

    Let's let things take their course. Let's wait and see what management communicates in the coming days and weeks. Let's wait and see what the legal cases bring to the surface. Let's wait and see how the main shareholder behaves in the future. The main shareholder who, as we know, only has a contractual obligation to RT, and who has otherwise been able to act relatively freely since his resignation from the BoD. That main shareholder of whom we know that he has taken his stake off the table by selling shares plus/minus. That major shareholder who has the option to make a takeover bid at any time, but was released from having to make a takeover bid at an earlier point in time. That main shareholder who could therefore still spit in the soup of the remaining shareholders. Exactly, at first glance he doesn't have to. At second glance, however, he will probably have a certain amount of explaining to do to his own financial backers.

    So there are a few exciting constellations, but also statements from RT that make people sit up and take notice. As mentioned, the economic thriller will be enriched by one or the other chapter...


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    Relief Therapeutics Holding AG (RLFTF) Stock Forum & Discussion - Yahoo Finance (12)

    another nothing burger day..go back to bed..hc winwright is for companies that have their act together..ram is going to beg for money for r.t., and probably prop up one of the companies hes an analyst for.. in the past nothing ever came out of them for us.

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    Relief Therapeutics Holding AG (RLFTF) Stock Forum & Discussion - Yahoo Finance (13)

    thinking we r on our way back to .30/.50 range.

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    Relief Therapeutics Holding AG (RLFTF) Stock Forum & Discussion - Yahoo Finance (14)

    Does anyone know if Sentinox is patented?

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    Relief Therapeutics Holding AG (RLFTF) Stock Forum & Discussion - Yahoo Finance (15)

    Could all the bears give us better reasons than our poor share price performance and Ram's perceived conflict of interest? Both are mitigated by Relief's diverse drug pipeline and qualified management team!

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    Relief Therapeutics Holding AG (RLFTF) Stock Forum & Discussion - Yahoo Finance (16)

    The average annual return of all forecasts made by Ram is -8.4% 😆

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    Relief Therapeutics Holding AG (RLFTF) Stock Forum & Discussion - Yahoo Finance (17)

    China approves new inhaled COVID vaccine, and the article also talks about the importance of stopping the virus from getting into the nasal mucous. Will Relief's inhaler and nasal spray (Sentinox) go back on the front burner now?

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    Relief Therapeutics Holding AG (RLFTF) Stock Forum & Discussion - Yahoo Finance (19)

    So endpoint was not met but there was a statistically significant two-fold odds of improved survival (OR, 2.0; 95% CI, 1.1–3.9) at 60 days (p = 0.035). There was significant improvement in respiratory distress ratio and reduced interleukin 6 cytokine release (p = 0.02) by day 3.

    Subgroup analysis identified a statistically significant likelihood of achieving primary end point among those treated with high-flow nasal oxygen at baseline (p = 0.039). Subjects on mechanical ventilation also experienced a 10-fold increased odds of survival with drug versus placebo (p = 0.031).

    The primary end point did not reach statistical significance, indicating that there was no difference between Aviptadil versus placebo. However, Aviptadil improves the likelihood of survival from respiratory failure at day 60 in critical COVID-19 across all sites of care. Given the absence of drug-related serious adverse events and acceptable safety profile, we believe the benefit versus risk for the use of Aviptadil is favorable for patient treatment.

    The benefits are staggering. NRXP completely ruined this trial. If in competent hands I believe an EUA would have been granted.


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    Relief Therapeutics Holding AG (RLFTF) Stock Forum & Discussion - Yahoo Finance (20)

    Biomarker End Point: Cytokine IL-6 Levels (Prespecified)

    Serum levels of IL-6 and tumor necrosis factor α were targeted for collection at baseline and daily through day 7 in the first 144 patients. Analysis was performed on the first-morning laboratory sample and successfully collected in 134 through day 3 (92 Aviptadil/42 placebo), 123 participants on day 5 (83/40), and 111 participants through day 7 (75/36). Intraday changes in IL-6 were not significant.

    Subjects treated with placebo demonstrated a five-fold greater rise in mean day 7 IL-6 level than those treated with Aviptadil (p < 0.05). In addition, MMRM regression demonstrated Aviptadil to be associated with preventing IL-6 rise across days 3–7 relative to placebo (F = 4.93; p = 0.024), with significant independent effects on days 3 (F = 9.78; p = 0.002) and 7 (F = 4.09; p = 0.046).


Is relief Therapeutics stock a good buy? ›

The Relief Therapeutics Holding AG stock holds sell signals from both short and long-term moving averages giving a more negative forecast for the stock.

Why is relief Therapeutics stock dropping? ›

The decline came after the drugmaker submitted prospectus supplements on Thursday with the Securities and Exchange Commission. These filings stated that NRx sent a letter to shareholders on Wednesday addressing a lawsuit recently initiated by Relief Therapeutics (RLFT. F -3.70%) in New York State Court.

How do I buy relief Therapeutic stock? ›

You can purchase shares of Relief Therapeutics (OTCQB: RLFTF) through any online brokerage. The stock price for Relief Therapeutics (OTCQB: RLFTF) is $0.02725 last updated Today at September 30, 2022 at 12:58 PM PDT.

Is NRXP stock a buy? ›

Since the short-term average is above the long-term average there is a general buy signal in the stock giving a positive forecast for the stock.

What happened to NRXP stock? ›

The shares of NRx Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:NRXP) have lost ~39% in the pre-market Thursday after the Wilmington, Delaware-based pharmaceutical company said that its ACTIV-3b study for experimental COVID-19 drug Zyesami (aviptadil) did not reach key goals.

Why is NRx Pharmaceuticals stock dropping? ›

At the time of writing, NRXP stock is down approximately 60% on news that its Data Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) has recommended the company halt its trial of ACTIV-3b, a drug aimed at critical Covid-19 patients, due to futility.

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