Therapy Business Names (2022)

Best Therapy Business Name Ideas

Business names exist to leave a positive and informative first impression on your potential customers. Your therapy business name should attract customers to your business as it portrays your purpose and unique selling point compared to other businesses.

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By selecting your business name with our generator, you streamline the name-picking process without compromising quality. And if you use our guide too, you’ll find your therapy business name sooner than you expected, and it’ll be better than you imagined.

One-Word Therapy Business Name Ideas

One-word business names are the perfect way to pack a lot of content into a small space without sacrifice. They are short, sweet, and straight to the point, making them highly memorable as well as fun and descriptive. All you have to do is come up with some keywords to add to our therapy business name generator. I selected ‘freedom’, ‘release’, ‘relieve’, and ‘soothe’ as representing the effect this therapy business will have on you.

  1. Soothery
  2. Releaseology
  3. Relieverse
  4. Soothopedia
  5. Freetastic
  6. Relievaza
  7. Soothooze
  8. Releasio
  9. Relievery
  10. Freedomatic
  11. Soothelia
  12. Releaseorama
  13. Soothevio
  14. Relievscape
  15. Freeporium

Tips For Creating One Word Therapy Business Names

The right keywords are essential when dreaming up your one-word business name. Our therapy business name generator morphs two words together, one being the root word, so you need to select a root word that describes the impact and function of your business. You want to inform your customers while keeping it light-hearted – our secret tip is to google synonyms if you’re getting stuck on words.

Relaxing Therapy Business Name Ideas

The purpose of therapy is to relax you and deal with your issues head-on. So why not select keywords and a business name that reflects this? An informative business name will demonstrate who you are and what you do, which will inevitably attract your target audiences.

Research words that center around your unique selling point and add them to our therapy business name generator to get some great options. For mine, I chose ‘open’, ‘soften’, ‘loosen’, and ‘unwind’ to represent the calming influence of therapy.

  1. Unwind Joy
  2. Open Talk
  3. Unwind Calm
  4. Speak Soften
  5. Unwind Desire
  6. Open Guru
  7. Slowly Soften
  8. Born Open
  9. Loosen Heart
  10. Sense Soften
  11. Open Harmony
  12. Loosen Lifestyle
  13. Discover Soften
  14. Inner Unwind
  15. Naturally Loosen

Tips For Creating Relaxing Therapy Business Names

Altering the industry filters in the business name generator produced more relevant results than without any filters. While there is not a therapy filter, there is ‘peaceful’, ‘yoga’, and ‘education’ which are all applicable industries to therapy.

Don’t forget to check domain names to make sure that you can keep your fantastic business name all to yourself. You shouldn’t have to share something so effective.

Rhyming Therapy Business Name Ideas

With a full rhyme or half-rhyme, your business name is well on its way to leaving a great and memorable first impression. Even a little bit of alliteration in your business name is enough to get your name, and by extension, your business noticed. As the list of names below shows, a rhyming business name is aesthetically and lyrically pleasing. I tried out some keywords relating to the purpose of therapy: talking. ‘Talk’, ‘chat’, ‘share’, and ‘express’ gave some great rhyming business name options.

  1. Connect Chat
  2. Everyday Expression
  3. TRUE Talk
  4. Comfort Chat
  5. Table Talk
  6. System Share
  7. Talk Time
  8. Click Chat
  9. Soothe Share
  10. Empathy Express
  11. Change Chat
  12. Solution Share
  13. Talk Trader
  14. Explore Expression
  15. Share Service

Tips For Creating Rhyming Therapy Business Names

Select the rhyming function under ‘names’ to generate rhyming business names. You can play around with the placement of your keywords to maximize your options and utilize the generator to its full abilities.

If you want to add a little bit of pizzazz, add in extra words and punctuation to see if that can change the impact of the name. For example, ‘Solution Share’ alone doesn’t give away much, but with punctuation, it becomes ‘Solution: Share’, which is more direct as it credits therapy for its function as a solution. Don’t be afraid to add your spin onto what the therapy business name generator gives you, as it’s there to help!

Some name ideas for you:

  • Nature’S Therapy
  • Human Honesty
  • Trusted Support
  • Constant Support
  • Grateful Guidance
  • Guidance Sought
  • Solutions Sought
  • Healthy Minds
  • Minds That Matter
  • Minds Matter
  • Minds Over Matter
  • Full Body Beauty
  • BeHealty
  • MyHealth
  • Sun Therapy
  • Green Therapy
  • BodyTherapy
  • TherapyShop
  • Therapyly
  • Healthier
  • BioTherapy
  • East Therapy
  • Therapiva
  • Theraptic
  • Be Free From It
  • Live Excellently
  • Healthy Life
  • Living Healthy
  • 28 2 Life
  • Total Life
  • The Aspen Clinic
  • Change Revolution
  • SmartLabs
  • Humanized
  • Wevolve
  • Providence Care
  • Line Therapy
  • Illuminate
  • Brighterlife
  • Life Therapeutics
  • Prime Therapists
  • Purehearts
  • Harmonize
  • Mindknit
  • Skyremedy

Best Real-World Therapy Business Names- How They Got It And Why It Works


How Mindler Got Its Name

Two psychologists and a medical doctor created Mindler to offer evidence-based treatments, focusing on filling the gaps they witnessed during their careers. They are a digital therapy platform that connects psychologists through video calls and employs staff speaking over 20 different languages to offer treatment to all.

Why Mindler Is A Catchy Business Name

Mindler is a great one-word business name that is simple to remember while focusing on the function of the business. The use of ‘mind’ relates to how therapy involves working on the mind to improve your quality of life.

Better Help

How Better Help Got Its Name

Created in 2013 in the heart of Silicon Valley, Better Help was born after its founder struggled to find flexible professional counseling for himself. In response, he created an online portal of therapists with different specialties, prices, and schedules to have an option for everyone.

Why Better Help Is A Catchy Business Name

The name ‘Better Help’ directly relays the inspiration behind the business as it provides better help than other services as they are not as big and as flexible. Better Help identified their selling point and incorporated it into their business name to immediately identify their unique feature.


How Talkspace Got Its Name

After finding success in couples counseling, the Franks created Talkspace to offer the same transformative experience to others like them. They began as a group therapy platform and transitioned into a multi-purpose therapy platform with a mobile app that provides an unlimited therapy messaging service for constant support.

Why Talkspace Is A Catchy Business Name

Talkspace is ‘talk’ and ‘space’ morphed into one word successfully to represent how the Franks carved a space designed for talking therapy. Their business name depicts what they offer to clients, so it is a straightforward name that applies to a broad target audience. While it doesn’t make their business unique, it does make it appear flexible, which will pique curiosity and drive business that way.

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Most Successful Therapy Business Names

Therapy Business Names (3)

The Therapy Company

How The Therapy Company Got Its Name

The Therapy Company is stationed in Lancashire and offers therapeutic solutions within their area. They mainly focus on trauma and finding techniques and adjustments to reduce the impact of trauma for clients to overcome it eventually. Their integrative approach makes them unique as they adjust their therapy to each client.

Why The Therapy Company Is A Catchy Business Name

The Therapy Company is a straightforward business name as it immediately states what this company does. Using ‘therapy’ is generic as it does not cover the types of treatment offered but is enough to attract clients considering therapy. Adding ‘company’ gives a professional touch to the name as it highlights the business side of therapy that makes them trustworthy and dependable.


How Harley Got Its Name

Harley is another online counseling platform, except it offers therapy online, via phone, or in-person to attract a broader target audience. Their business model offers flexibility and guarantees customer satisfaction as the central focus.

Why Harley Is A Catchy Business Name

The name ‘Harley’ comes from the business’ street name, Harley Street. By taking inspiration from the street name, Harley connects its business to its office and its roots which is a personal connection. The name is also highly memorable as clients are likely to remember the company or the street name at least.


How ReGain Got Its Name

ReGain is an online therapy platform designed for couples to communicate with therapists via messages, individual live sessions, and live group sessions to get to the root of their issues. Set up by a marriage therapist, this site offers flexible therapy solutions to fix relationships and adjust to all schedules.

Why ReGain Is A Catchy Business Name

ReGain is an effective business name because it identifies the purpose of couples therapy: to regain a connection. By capitalizing the ‘g’ in ‘gain’, they draw attention to the repetition of gaining this connection because it is for couples who once had it and now desire to get it back.

Tips For Naming Your Therapy Business

What Is Your Selling Point?

Business is rife with competition and to set yourself apart, you need to establish what makes you different from your competitors. Perhaps it is the services you offer, your business model, your staff, or something small like your own experience with therapy. If you’re not sure what your selling point is, consider these questions:

  • What Does Your Business Do?
  • How Does Your Business Do It?
  • How Does This Differ From Your Competitors?
  • Why Do Your Clients Need It?

Once you establish your selling point, you need to incorporate it into your branding. You want to shout from the rooftops what is unique about your business and why clients should sign up for your services, so add it to your business name, marketing, website, logo, etc. Place your selling point at the center of everything to draw the most attention to it.

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Who Is Your Target Audience?

Once you identify your selling point, it is simple to establish your target audience, as your selling point will directly appeal to them. For example, if you specialize in humanistic therapy, your target audience will be people with self-esteem and self-image problems.

Your chosen target audience will influence your business name as much as your selling point because you want to grab the attention of a specific group of people. Using your selling point and target audience together, you can decide what is integral to them and select keywords based on that.

How Can You Make It Memorable?

With any business name, the recommendation is always to make it short but special. Using the keywords that you’ve selected already, create a business name that is attractive and memorable as it will have a greater level of retention in the client’s memory.

Consider keeping your name under three words because any longer is far too long. You can go into more detail about your company in your mission statement, but your name needs to give your audience a little taste of who you are. A great tactic to keep it short but impactful is to use punctuation instead of connectives, as it will save you words without losing the flow of the name.

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  • Massage Business Names

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